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Product Application


· Hot and cold potable water piping networks in residential and commercial buildings.

· Heating systems.

· Chilled water networks in air conditioning systems, as an effective light weight and corrosion free subtitute for steel pipes.

· Transport of wide range of chemicals in the industry.

· Piping networks for rainwater utilization systems and swimming pools facilities.

· Compressed air installations and other industrial applications.

HDPE PIPE: can be joined by butt-fusion, electro-fusion, flanges or rubber ring joints.

The characterstics of the HDPE Drainage system such as the outstanding chemicals resistance, high temperature rating, flexibility and low noise make it the ideal selection for the residential and industrial buildings, laboratories, hospitals and hotels.

PE-RT PIPE:The adoption of new pipe materials and pipe-making processes continues to evolve, with the use of PE-RT moving from domestic hot and cold water systems, where the material has been installed for more than 20 years, to a broader range of industrial applications. Industrial system designers and installers are responding to the mechanical and processing benefits of PE-RT resins in larger dimension pipe applications, where regular Polyethylene cannot be used, or is restricted by temperature limitations. The versatility of PE-RT and the ability to be used at higher temperatures without the need for cross linking, makes it a preferred choice for a wide range of applications where temperature profiles can range from sub-ambient to beyond what is considered normal for a traditional PE system. To provide a series of technical and mechanical reference points, this paper focuses on PE-RT domestic pipe applications, with additional data on industrial applications where relevant.

PB PIPE :The main use of PB-1 is in flexible pressure piping systems for hot and cold drinking water distribution, pre-insulated district heating networks and surface heating and cooling systems.

Production Market

We devote ourselves continuously to international trade and supply pipeline dealers who come from all over the world with customized service. The annual output amounts to 30000 tons, which can fill up 3000 containers we provide our partners with professional and efficient one-stop service.