hdpe Pipe for water supply

hdpe Pipe for water supply

hdpe pipe for water supply
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China supplier & Manufacturer hdpe pipe for water supply 

Drainage Hdpe Pipe


Product Application Water Supply System

1. Transportation and distribution system

2. House service connection

3. Geo-thermal pipe for room heating & hot water system

• Industrial
1. For Effluents, chemicals and treated/untreated waster disposal
2. As Hydro Transport System for handling and conveyance iron ore slurry, - coal / cement slurry and slurry transportation in mines
3. For conveyance of edible oil, fruit pulps, juices, milks and other food materials.
4. As ducts for ventilation and air conditioning

• Environmental Protection

1. Rehabilitation of existing sewer
2. Effluent and waste treatment plant pipes
3. Dust suppression piping systems in cement industry
4. Sand slurry disposal pipes in dredging
5. De-gassing pipes in water effluent marine outfalls

• Agriculture
1. Piping for submersible and jet pumps
2. Suction and delivery pipes
3. Sprinkler piping for irrigation

• Other
1. Transportation of chemicals, solids, gas and oils
2. Underwater pipelines. / Desalination plants
3. Bore wall delivery lines
4. Telecommunication cable ducting

Product Features

• High corrosion resistance, resulting into a longer life.
• High impact strength
• Extremely light weight and hence easy to handle
• High flexibility
• High abrasion resistance
• Excellent water hammer characteristic helps, sustaining surges
• Excellent flow characteristics leading to significant energy savings.

Shifting soils - no breakage
• Earthquake resistance
• No infiltration, helps maintaining the quality of fluids being conveyed
• No trenches needed, resulting into easy and economical installation
• High UV resistance to scaling and biological build up
• Allows fusion to eliminate leakages
• Emergency connection possible

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