What kind of PPR pipe

- Jun 26, 2017-

PPR pipe cold PPR pipe hot water pipe heat resistance is different, PPR pipe cold water pipe can not be used as PPR pipe hot water pipe, to distinguish PPR pipe cold PPR pipe hot water pipe is a simple method is PPR pipe hot water pipe has a red mark The PPR pipe hot water pipe of the technical parameters are higher than the PPR pipe cold water pipe. PPR pipe pipe can not be bent, PPR pipe installation will use the connection pipe, such as: direct, elbow, tee and so on.

1, buy PPR pipe according to the current water pressure to choose pressure, PPR pipe generally 1.6MPA, 2.0MPA, PPR pipe wall has 2.3,2.8,3.5,4.4MM thick, PPR pipe is not pressure The greater the thickness of the larger, in fact, PPR pipe enough on the line.

2, PPR pipe pipe dealer often discount sales, PPR pipe is generally 6-6.5 fold and so on, but it should be noted that PPR pipe dealer will only sell the water pipe discount, PPR pipe fittings such as elbow, tee, Valves and other basic little discount, PPR pipe or discount rate is low. PPR pipe according to a kitchen and a health calculation, plus water pipes to the balcony, PPR pipe up to a 15-20 meters water pipe, PPR pipe even if all in accordance with PPR pipe hot water pipe calculation, PPR pipe in accordance with the market price of 14 yuan / M fight 6 fold , PPR pipe up to more than 200 pieces. PPR pipe but the joints, tees and valves if the price is not discounted. PPR pipe fittings and accessories like the relationship between ham and straw, PPR pipe so many customers directed at the discount to buy special water pipe, PPR pipe to the final total price is not much cheaper, the reason here.