Advantages of PPR water pipe

- Dec 21, 2017-

PPR is short for Polypropylene Random in English. Commonly known as tripolypropylene. The PPR tube is galvanized pipe, UPVC to water pipe, aluminum plastic pipe, PE pipe, PE-X tube, PE-RT tube replacement products. Due to its use of the non-regulation copolymerization technique, the strength of polypropylene and high temperature resistance are well guaranteed, thus becoming the main force of the water pipe material.


Advantages of PPR water pipe:


1. Health and environmental protection. Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material that can be used for drinking water.

2. The joint is connected with hot melt, which becomes one, 100 % free of leakage, other materials are connected with the silk mouth, and its impermeability is lower, and it also avoids the toxic adhesion of glue.

3. Small transmission resistance.

PPR pipe

PPR pipe

The price is moderate.

5. Long service life can be used for 50 years according to GB/T18742 national standard.

PPR is short for three-type polypropylene, which adopts the method of heat-soluble joint, which has special welding and cutting tools, and has high reliability. Prices are also economical. The insulation performance is also good, the wall is also very smooth! The average price is 4-8 yuan (4 cents) per meter. Not including internal and external wires.

The PPR tube is formally known as the random polypropylene tube, which is the most used water supply pipe in the home decoration project.

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