Characteristics of ppr pipe

- Jan 04, 2018-

1. health, non-toxic: this product belongs to the green building materials, can be used in pure water pipeline system.

2. heat-resistant, under the rules of long-term continuous work pressure,water temperature can reach 95 ℃.

3. corrosion resistance, no scaling: can be exempt from dirty jams pipeline and birdbath, bathtub macular rust.

4. heat preservation and energy saving: coefficient of thermal conductivity is only one over two hundred of metal pipe, used for hot water pipe heat preservation

5. light weight, high strength, specific gravity is only one eighth of the metal, resistance to pressure test strength of 5 mpa (more than 50 kg/cm2), good toughness and impact resistance.

6. good appearance:the wall smooth, small flow resistance, color soft, aesthetically pleasing.

7. easy installation, reliable: USES the hot melt connection, no set of silk, several seconds to complete a section head connection, connected to the metal pipes and water machine is made of high quality copper insert, safe and reliable.

8. long service life: piping system under normal use life of more than 50 years.

Application ranges

•residential hot and cold water systems.

•clean water, pure water pipe.

•compressed air tube.

•Other industrial and agricultural use.

•Delivery, emissions, industrial water and chemicals.

• hot water circulation system.

• beverage production delivery system.

 Note: gas cannot be used.