Color characteristics of PPR water pipe

- Dec 21, 2017-

Why is the PPR water hose different?
The PPR granules supplied by the manufacturer have different colors, such as gray, but most companies buy transparent raw materials, and different colors are added to different colors.
Does PPR water pipe color and quality have a necessary connection?
No. However, the white PPR is more than the unqualified detection, and grey and green do not have these problems. In addition, the north USES white PPR tubes, while the south has more grey PPR tubes.
PPR pipe is divided into cold water pipe and hot water pipe?
PPR tube is divided into cold water pipe and hot water pipe. The difference is that there is blue mark line on the cold water pipe, and the hot water pipe is red.
In addition, the PPR pipeline has the S5 S4 S3.2 S2.5 and other logos, the general S5 S4 is the cold water tube, the wall thickness is thinner, the S3.2 S2.5 is the hot water pipe, the wall thickness is thicker.
What are the characteristics of the connection technology of PRR water pipe?
the interface of PPR tube adopts thermal fusion technology. The pipe mouth and pipe mouth are completely fused together, so once installed, the test pass will never leak again, and the reliability is very high.