Construction preparation of PB pipe.

- Feb 16, 2021-

Before the construction of the PB pipe, some preparatory work must be done to ensure that it is of higher quality. So what preparatory work is there?

It is very important that the construction personnel should be aware of the drawings, understand the intention of the plan, and communicate and solve problems in time if problems are found. Before the start of the various prefabricated processing items, it is necessary to plan the materials according to the planned construction drawings, and prepare the necessary materials and equipment according to specifications and models and transport them to the site. Then, for the PB pipes that arrive at the site, you should carefully verify the material, check the warranty, specifications, model, etc., and then enter the warehouse after passing the test, and mark them separately.

During the handling and construction of the PB pipe, care should be taken to protect it to avoid mechanical damage caused by improper external force. The location of the pipe should be marked after the concealed application to avoid damage to the pipe during the second decoration.