Development prospect of water supply pipe material.

- Feb 08, 2018-

1. Vigorously develop the development and innovation and application of nanotechnology in the field of water supply pipeline materials. Nanotechnology offers from molecules, from the micro level to "man-made interference" (strictly speaking, it is on the premise of respecting objective law) that contribute to material combination for human development in the direction of the tool. The npp-r pipeline is a manifestation of the development of our national nanotechnology industry development strategy in China's plastic water supply pipe. Let us positive development and promotion of nanotechnology in metal, non-metal and metal and nonmetal * of feed water pipe system in the field of scientific research and manufacture, make us as soon as possible and application technology of water supply pipe technology in the world, gradually change the backward for many years in this field in our country with foreign building materials subject to limit the embarrassed situation of the development and application technology.

2. Based on practicality and focus on development, we serve the improvement and crossing. Things also has its objective laws, therefore, we must use new technology leap and unified orderly improvement based on the reality, to create the sustainable development of the new system of water supply pipe material and technology, for the sustainable development of our country jail foundation, lay solid foundation for rapid development of economy.

Specifically speaking:

(1) make use of the original pipes to make articles on the pipe interface to improve the utilization efficiency and work efficiency of pipes. Example is the technology of "expanding and forming socket flexible steel pipe" that we have described in the water outside.

(2) organic integration of a variety of materials, the advantages and disadvantages of the advantages and disadvantages, and the formation of new materials with low cost and high performance. The ABS we talked about is evidence. Of course, in the plastics industry, the green environmental characteristics will be more prominent, not toxic, not harmful to human, recyclable or under certain conditions of degradation. At the same time, the application of high and new technology to add new functions, such as sterilization, reduce or eliminate secondary pollution. In the metals industry, the synthesis of materials or add is a new professional and technical science, also produced today to meet various demands of our new material, like stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc., to ensure the human successfully across the earth, landing on the moon, establishing stable space station in space. We can say that the new material to humans and is to perform the function of human gives it a variety of large, and will make inevitable kingdom, for the man calmly entered the immortal contribution to the free kingdom. This kind of work, we have done in the past, has a breakthrough, is still doing, we will do better in the future.