Advantages and Development Trend of PERT

- Jun 26, 2017-

1, PERT to warm the pipe has a good flexibility to make it easy to shop when the economy, the production of pipe in the construction can be through the coil and bending methods to reduce the use of pipe fittings, reduce construction costs.


2, PERT to warm pipe pipe bending, bending in the part of the stress can be quickly relaxed, there will be no "rebound" phenomenon, easy construction operation.

3, PERT to warm the tube tube friction loss is small, the tube of the delivery capacity of the fluid than the same diameter pipe 30%.

4, PERT to warm pipe brittle temperature is low. PERT geothermal pipe has excellent low temperature resistance, so PERT to warm the pipe in the case of low temperature can also be constructed in the case, and PERT to warm the pipe when the pipe without heating.


5, PERT to warm the tube light weight, easy to transport, installation, construction. PERT to warm the tube chemical resistance is good, no rust, long service life.


6, PERT floor warm tube good environmental adaptability. In the working temperature of 70 degrees Celsius pressure of 0,4MPa conditions, can be safely used for more than 50 years.

7, PERT to warm the pipe in the production process does not add any toxic additives. Smooth wall, no scaling, no breeding bacteria, can be safely used in drinking water transportation and other fields.

8, PERT to warm pipe impact resistance is PVC-U pipe 5 times.

9, PERT to heat pipe heat resistance is good, low temperature frost performance, and has excellent impact resistance, suitable for winter construction.

10, PERT to warm the tube of good resistance to chemical corrosion, long service life. Non-toxic, tasteless, good health performance.

11, PERT to warm the tube light weight, good flexibility, coil can be supplied, good heat resistance.


12, can PERT to warm pipe to hot melt connection and mechanical connection, reliable, no leakage. The PE-X can only be mechanically connected.

13, PERT to warm the green products, recyclable.

    To warm the service life is generally 50 years, of which the warm tube plays an important role, if the quality of the warm tube is not reliable, it will be in the process of heating to use a variety of problems, and ultimately lead to warm and can not normal heating. Therefore, the choice of reliable quality of the warm tube is very necessary, and PERT to warm tube is one of the most popular to warm the tube, the above describes the PERT to warm the pipe information, from so many PERT to warm the pipe can be seen PERT To warm the market prospects must be very good.