Does the PPR pipe buy white or green? If it's not the old master's warning, almost follow the wind to buy the wrong

- Jan 05, 2018-

We use PPR water pipes when we decorate our plumbing. But there are a lot of PPR colors in the market, but the most common ones are white and green. So are these different color PPR water pipes all the same? Actually otherwise, luckily my old master reminded me, otherwise my home is decorated very nearly to follow the wind to buy the wrong color.


The old master told me that the first ingredient in the PPR pipeline was a clear, transparent particle without color. But in order to improve the beauty of the shop, as a distinction, the PPR pipe has been added to the color mother. The hottest thing on the market right now should be white, grey and green. In fact, these different color channels will not have much influence on the nature of the material. But there are also some black-hearted sellers, who will add a large number of colored females to cover the defects because of the bad material.


A lot of people can't do white water pipes because they recycle plastic because it's the safest color. In fact, this view is very one-sided, the technology is developing so fast now, so the color is not the standard to distinguish the quality of the PPR water pipes. And usually the PPR water pipe is buried in the wall, the decoration will not be seen after completion, so the color of the PPR pipeline is not necessary for reference.


But our country has a requirement: the tube can not be transparent. And the white water pipe is light transmittance is unqualified, pervious to light, easily microbes from water pipes will happen after the sun, so it is easy to breed bacteria, more serious still grow and communities which can lead to microorganism growth from water pipes, affect our daily drinking water hygiene. So if the two colors are relative to each other, the green PPR pipeline is more reliable.