PPR pipe with hot melt technology

- Jun 26, 2017-

PPR pipe with hot-melt technology, pipe and tube completely integrated together, so once installed pressure test pass, PPR pipe will no longer leaking, high reliability. PPR tube of this hot-melt technology, making the pipe between the tube has a good seal to ensure that the tube between the airtight. But this is not to say that PPR pipe is no defect of the water pipe, its high temperature resistance, pressure is relatively poor. PPR pipe long-term working temperature can not exceed 70 ℃; each length is limited, and can not bend the construction, if the pipeline laying distance or long corner, in the construction will use a large number of joints, pipe is cheap but the accessories are relatively high prices. In the construction to control the temperature of the PPR tube, do not bend the tube to prevent unnecessary problems. From the overall performance point of view, PPR pipe is the current cost-effective pipe, so become the preferred material for home improvement pipe renovation.

PPR pipeline is widely used in industrial and residential building life, health drinking water and hot water heating, in people's real life has been widely used and popular. PPR pipe points hot and cold water pipes 2, cold water pipe wall thin, hot water pipe wall thickness, so the resistance to fracture in terms of hot water pipe performance is much better, the price of hot water pipe is also more expensive than cold water. The use of hot and cold water pipes will be different, in order to ensure the use of quality, some businesses often buy hot water pipes for construction, even if the cost is slightly higher is worth it.