Green PB pipe is the eternal market demand.

- Jun 07, 2018-

In recent years from the state to a personal advocate environmental protection consciousness, using environmental protection material become focus topic, green environmental protection not just shout slogans, really be in today's society of the policy to grasp, construction steel tubes is one of the important material. It is known from the construction sites in various provinces and cities that the environmental protection is now particularly tight, and the construction materials in the environmental protection inspection and supervision is very strong.

Choose PB pipe material of kangyu pipe industry, green environment protection, suitable for water supply pipe, earth heating pipe, etc

Many benefits of PB pipe are simply listed:

1. Good temperature resistance, able to withstand temperatures below 110 degrees, and -20 degrees will not freeze and crack

2. Thin pipe wall, large inner diameter and good flow conditions

3. The extension of micro input knitting and good thermal scalability are conducive to pipeline laying

4. Strong uv resistance ability to prevent algae production

5. Good plasticity, conducive to construction

6. The weight is light and easy to carry

7. Environment-friendly renewable energy, non-toxic and tasteless, does not produce corrosive or toxic substances after combustion.