Home decoration: will you choose the hot and cold water pipes?

- Feb 25, 2018-

Cold and hot water pipe is the indispensable material in the home outfit, seem ordinary, but have a lot of exquisite when buying.

Choose materials

Now on the market of hot and cold water pipes made of copper tube, aluminum tube, PPR pipe, PB pipe, PPB, PERT pipe, etc., comprehensive level and the advantages and disadvantages of a large pipe, PPR pipe is most valuable, the most of a new type of pipe material, it can be used as a cooling tube, can also be used for hot water pipe, with non-toxic, qualitative light, compression, anti-corrosive, and other advantages.

Choose specifications

According to the regulations of the national standard GB/T18742 PPR pipe diameter has 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110, 160 (unit: mm) ten kinds of specifications, the average home is equipped with 20, 25, 32 three specifications will be enough. In the home decoration, the main selection is 25 mm, the tube can choose 20 mm, but in order to ensure the water pipe flow rate can also choose 25mm.

Choose the number

A conventional PPR pipe is four meters long, and the water electrician gives you the length of your home water pipe. So, when you buy it, you need to convert it to how many pipes you need. When purchasing, it is also important to ask whether the price per meter is the price per meter or the price per square meter. Also, pay attention to whether the length of the pipe is in line with the requirements when purchasing.