Home PPR water pipe is good or good?

- Jun 25, 2018-

Home PPR water pipe is good or good?

There are two types of PPR plumbing installations in the home: One is to walk, the other is to walk. So, what kind of layout is better?

Walk to the top, which is better?

Water pipe


1. Easy and quick installation, short piping and less cost.

2, buried in the cement layer, less interference by the outside world, strong stability.


Leakage is not easy to find, maintenance is troublesome and may cause major damage.

Pipe walking


1, the ground does not need to slot, leaking easy to find the location, to avoid harming the downstairs.

2, to facilitate the maintenance than the ground, the cost is less.


1, the pipeline is relatively long, increase the decoration budget.

2. Holes may be drilled on the beam during fixing, which may damage the beam body.

3, water pipes exposed to the air, may shorten the service life.

4, the water pressure is reduced, the flow noise increases.

From this point of view, regardless of whether the water pipe is on the top or on the ground, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. In fact, going top or down, this is just a process problem. To ensure the safety and normal use of the water piping, note the following.




First of all, material selection is critical to the safety and service life of water pipes. If unqualified inferior water pipes are used, the safety of the pipelines will not be guaranteed whether they are on the top or on the ground. Therefore, the selection of water pipes with guaranteed quality is the most basic for ensuring the safety of home-installed water pipes.


Construction regulations

If the construction is regulated and qualified water pipes are used, the risk in the later period is almost minimal, and the possibility of leakage is even less.

As to whether the water pipe is going well or is topped out, this problem cannot be solved in one go. This should be based on their actual situation, specific analysis to rational layout of the water pipe

       For example, toilets and kitchens are generally suspended ceilings, and the water pipes can be topped so as not to damage the original waterproof layer on the ground. If the water pipe is connected to the balcony and the water pipe passes through without being suspended, it is reasonable to walk from the ground. For another example, if the air in the south is damp, the water pipe can easily get wet on the top, and it can easily cause water droplets to infiltrate and damage the ceiling and furniture.

       In general, the layout of home-installed water pipes or when carrying out hydropower reforms, we must first pay attention to the selection of materials and construction specifications, and then according to the specific circumstances to weigh in the end which program is more suitable for themselves, according to the structure of the house and the waterway to choose the top Go to the ground.