How many connection methods are there in the PE pipe?

- Jan 18, 2018-

1 bulging joint

The expansion joint is suitable for a pipe connection with a diameter of 110 mm and smaller, only according to the drawing of the drawing and the connection of the head. Expansion joint has the following advantages: suitable for both ground or underground; the operation is convenient, without special tools, easy to install; the self-locking type O ring in at the same time provide a good seal can prevent the joint was opened; the easy disassembly and replacement or pipe reuse; the competitive prices. The main disadvantage of the bulging joint is that the strength of the joint is weak, and the sealing performance of the joint is easily damaged by the impact of impact or thermal expansion and cold contraction.

2 butt fusion welding head

Butt welded joint is suitable for pipes with diameters greater than 40 mm, and is the most common form of PE material. Even PE membrane and sheet are also welded by fusion pressure welding. Under the same seal and working pressure, it has good economy. The joint consists of the fusion of pipe and the same material. It has the same material and equal strength as the base material. The flanging formed by welding has a good strengthening effect. However, the internal flanging will reduce the actual flow diameter of the pipe and increase the flow resistance of the medium.

3 electrothermal welding joint

The electric heating welding joint is suitable for connection with the fixed port when the space is too small to use the butt welding equipment. It is completed by an electric heating wire that is buried inside the pipe. During welding, a current of a specified size is passed to the heated wire. The heating wire produces heat, melts the surrounding material and extends to the pipe, melts the outer surface of the tube and eventually melts the pipe and pipe. Electric heating welded pipe fittings are very expensive, and if the welding fails, the pipe fittings can only be removed together with the pipes inserted into the pipe fittings. The pipe fittings will be abandoned and the use can not be used.

The French blue connection is mostly used for the connection of the pipe accessories, most of which are PE flanging + loose carbon steel / galvanized blue. When the anticorrosion is strict, the surface of the blue surface can be coated with a layer of PE protection layer. The French blue connection should be used in conjunction with the butt welding or electrothermal welding connection.