How to avoid thermal expansion and contraction of PB tube?

- Feb 16, 2021-

In the application process of PB tube, thermal expansion and contraction will also occur, which requires us to pay attention to this aspect when using it.

The pipeline must be installed hidden first, and the hidden pipeline must be taken over by hot melt. The hidden pipeline can overcome the friction caused by the temperature difference of the pipeline, dissipate heat through the ground, and form a protection pipeline; it is also conducive to heat insulation and fire prevention. Then, it can be installed in a dark place, so as to avoid direct sunlight, causing the tube wall to heat up. In addition, it is necessary to control the length of each section of the pipe, make more elbows, and choose a good place to use the bracket to slide the pipe to avoid falling off.

For the introduction of methods to avoid thermal expansion and contraction of PB tubes, we must understand clearly to avoid problems during use.