How to choose ppr water pipe? Ppr water pipe buying skills.

- Aug 18, 2018-

Ppr water pipe purchase error:

1, the color of the ppr water pipe

Many people mistakenly believe that the color of the ppr water pipe is the best, which is a very wrong mistake. The  color of the ppr water pipes produced by different manufacturers is  different now. For example, the five-star house tube of Yatong is blue,  and the ppr pipe of Weixing is green. Different  colors of PPR use the same base material, but different color  masterbatch is added according to customer's preference or habit during  production, so the difference of color does not represent the quality of  the quality.

2, the difference between PPR hot and cold water pipes

Not all ppr pipes are common to both hot and cold water. Specially used for cold water pipes, but also for hot and cold water pipes, you must explain your requirements when purchasing. Of  course, the raw materials used in the PPR hot and cold water pipes are  identical. The hot and cold water pipes are divided according to the  temperature difference of the water that can be transported when the  pipes of different specifications are used. Since  the hot water is more demanding on the pipe, the hot water pipe of the  same nominal pressure (PN) is thicker than the wall thickness of the  cold water pipe. For the sake of distinction, the hot water pipes have red coextrusion strips and the cold water pipes do not.

3, ppr pipe and accessories need to be the same manufacturer

Many times we may think that the pipe and fittings are not the same manufacturer. As long as the specifications are correct, this is actually wrong. The raw materials used by different manufacturers will be different, and the production process will be different. Reliability is not guaranteed when connecting, so this is generally not recommended. Everyone chooses the same brand when choosing ppr pipes and accessories.

4, ppr water pipe pressure selection

The choice of ppr water pipes must first be considered and determined as the nominal pressure. Then select the ppr water pipe size you need under the pressure conditions you need. The  PN in the pipe coding code represents the nominal pressure, the unit is  MPa, and the wall thickness of the pipe with different nominal pressure  is different. When selecting the pipe, the nominal pressure of the pipe  should be not lower than the water pressure of the tap water.

5, ppr water pipe pressure test

The pressure test of the ppr water pipe is prudent. Choose the ppr hose with the brand. Will be installed and tested. Be sure to be on site when testing. Pay  attention to the following contents: Fill the pipe with water,  thoroughly drain the air in the pipe, increase the pressure to the test  pressure with a pressure pump, and re-pressurize to the test pressure  every 10 minutes, repeating twice. Record the pressure after the last pump pressure for 10 min and 40 min, the pressure difference must not be about 0.06 MPa. After 2 hours from the end, the pressure drop should not exceed 0.02 MPa.