How to connect the PPR pipe to the PVC pipe

- Jan 18, 2018-

PPR pipe and pipe pipe can not be bonded by hot melt or glue due to the different material.

The PPR pipe and the PVC pipe can be threaded, live connected, or flanged.

Threaded connection: PPR pipe end of a wire (PPR hot melt directly or directly, then the wire) PVC pipe end with glue a wire directly (or wire directly), then the external wire is directly screwed together;

Movable connection: in a PPR double hot-melt connection, a head and PPR pipe melt, and the other end is changed to PVC, and it is bonded with PVC pipe, then it can tighten the live joint.

Flange connection: PPR flange and PPR pipe hot melt, PVC flange and PVC pipe bonding, and then screw 2 flanges fastened.

Be careful not to forget to put a seal or a sealing belt in any way.