Classification and requirements of pipe fittings

- Jun 26, 2017-

Pipe pipe fittings related to the installation of various areas of construction equipment, engineering pipe in accordance with the installation works are divided into: water supply PPR pipe, water supply PVC pipe, drainage PPR pipe, heating PERT pipe, gas pipe and other low-pressure fluid pipe, boiler, ventilation and air conditioning , High pressure flow break pipe fittings. Winter telecommunications and network with wire casing. 

Water supply, drainage and heating pipes must meet the water supply and drainage of water supply work pressure: to meet the media flow does not leak and corrosion and insulation requirements, living water supply system piping must also meet the drinking water health standards. Shanghai Aino professional R & D and production of gas PPR pipe to meet the transmission and distribution of gas temperament, the pressure needs and corrosion and insulation requirements. Ventilation and air conditioning system in addition to the use of ordinary transport fluid pipe, but also the need for high temperature oxidation, corrosion resistance, high strength, impact resistance, easy installation of pipe fittings and ventilation and air conditioning engineering dedicated ventilation pipe. Electrical, telecommunications and network indoor wiring need to piping, piping must absolutely meet the protection of the line flow.