How to distinguish the performance of pp-r pipe from that of pp-r pipe

- Jun 13, 2018-

"See" the appearance color, good PP-R pipe color is gentle and uniform, no variegated color. (lime green and yellow are the main types of pp-r pipe, consumers tend to think that white is the best, but color is not a judgment standard of quality, in fact the stand or fall of pp-r pipe doesn't have anything to do with the color of the pp-r pipe.

Sliding door quality to judge the principle of the twin pulley and dinggu to teach you how to recognize imported sliding doors As one of the standard configuration of European and American household, sliding doors with its modelling concise fashion aluminum-plastic pp-r pipe application: 1, can be used, the performance of the pp-r pipe principle of how to identify and pp-r hot and cold water pipes

Plastic particles, with white transparent color (also have already plus lewd mother other colors) is given priority to with add what color masterbatch can production, masterbatch can't decompose can't change the PP - R quality, so it doesn't matter that what color sheet for pipe, pp-r pipes stipulated by the state to have good optical performance, closed at that point grey or other not pervious to light performance will be better. However, such advantages only exist in the open pipe installation and pipe well, and the domestic water pipes are all buried in the dark, so there is no grey at all, which is better than other colors. The pp-r tube is completely opaque, while the pseudo-pp-r tube is slightly or semi-transparent. Normally only use pure white products pp-r raw materials, such as recycling material, produced from waste materials and Angle materials products its colour and lustre is not soft and uneven, and the process of other color coloring mother products add recycling materials, waste materials and Angle materials will not affect product color. This is why a lot of manufacturers that pay attention to quality, such as home decoration and retail, have white products. The inner and outer surface of the product should be smooth and smooth, and no bubbles, obvious depressions, grooves and impurities are allowed. "Touch" good quality pp-r pipe pp-r raw material is 100% (without any additive) texture is pure, the surface is bright and clean, feel soft, pseudo pp-r pipe feel is smooth, in general, coarse particles are likely with impurities; The main material of the pp-r tube is polypropylene. The good pipe has no smell and the bad pipe has strange smell. The pp-r tube has considerable hardness and can be easily kneaded into a deformed tube. It is certainly not pp-r tube. "Quantity" wall thickness also can be measured with vernier caliper, thickness is up to standard and uniform, generally good tube are strictly according to national standard production, but this approach requires the pp-r pipe national standards have a certain understanding. "Listening" sound pp-r pipe landing sound is more dull, pseudo pp-r pipe landing sound is more crisp. The PP-R tube with good elasticity can be broken easily. It is not good for PP-R tube, but the PP-R tube with good temperature below 10 degrees can also be broken. However, hardness is not equal to good elasticity. Some manufacturers add too much calcium carbonate and other impurities to improve hardness. (due to the cold brittleness of pp-r raw materials, the performance is different in several temperature ranges: 10, -5, -23...) ) "burning" the smoke smell raw material mixed with recycled plastic and other impurities in the pp-r tube will emit black smoke, a pungent smell. And good material burns after not only won't emit black smoke, no smell, after burning, melting liquid still very clean. (also can "pull", see the "length") "fuse" PP - R when the pipe welding normal welding temperature within the scope of the 260-290 ℃, the temperature of welding in the welding quality will have good guarantee, if under normal welding parameters, welding products can easily enter the welding die, accumulation and welding tumor is close to the specification of liquid products are not authentic PP - R raw materials production, accumulation and welding tumor if it is quickly cooling hardening (generally) for 10 seconds can also suggest that the product is not authentic PP - R raw material to produce, This is because one of the characteristics of pp-r is that it has a good thermal insulation effect, and its cooling speed will naturally be slow. See whether the inner diameter of the pipe is deformed, whether the pipe fitting is drawn, good pp-r pipe does not allow drawing, and the inner diameter is not deformed. "Check" the use of test equipment for testing to effectively distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of products. Specified in the national standards for several important test data, such as pipe ageing resistance test (in the ring stress is 1.9 MPa, test temperature under 110 ℃, 8760 hours not failure) test, pipeline system stability test (hot and cold cycle 5000) and the impact resistance test, etc., so the user can ask when choose the manufacturers or merchants to provide the test report, in order to verify. Also need to come up with the national standard is the raw material of pipes, pipe fittings use there is also an important requirement is that melt index, the national standard value for the melt index changes before and after processing cannot exceed 30%, and the industry also has a requirement is that the raw material melt index is not greater than 0.5 g / 10 min.