How to distinguish the quality of PPR tube

- Oct 26, 2017-


First, touch the surface of the pipe, and see if the texture is fine or not, and whether the particles are even. Now the market PPR tube mainly white, gray, green several colors, under normal circumstances, recycled plastics can not be white, so many people tend to think that white is the best, in fact, this view is one-sided. With the improvement of technology, color is not the standard to distinguish the quality of PPR tube.


Sniff your nose near the tube and smell if you smell it. Because the PPR pipe is the main material of polypropylene pipe is good, without any smell, but there are some bad smell, it is likely to be in polypropylene with polyethylene pipe has the odor of reason, so it is best not to choose.


High quality PPR pipe has a certain hardness, pinch with fingers, the handle is relatively hard, not easy to deformation. Seemingly flexible, easy deformation tube, or quality problems, or not PPR tube.


PPR pipe with good quality has a certain resilience, tenacity and not brittle, medium strength can be smashed pipe is not a good PPR tube. But the hardness is not equal to good elasticity, how not smashed the PPR tube, but also careful consideration. Because some illegal manufacturers by adding too many calcium carbonate and other impurities to improve the hardness of the pipe, this kind of pipe toughness is bad, long time prone to brittle fracture.


As the saying goes, using fire test methods True gold does not fear fire, PPR tube, very intuitive and very useful. PPR pipe good after burning smokeless tasteless, the molten liquid is clean and transparent, poor internal mixing pipe due to the recycling of plastic or other impurities may smoke in the combustion process, and even have a pungent smell.