How to judge the quality of water pipes? Four strokes teach you to identify true and false PPR water pipes.

- May 10, 2020-

PPR tube

A. First of all, look at the appearance. The high-quality pipes have a smooth appearance, complete logos, and brand names on accessories; inferior products cannot do this. Because high-quality pipes use 100% imported PPR raw materials, and inferior pipes only use part of PPR raw materials, there is a big difference in performance between the two.

B. Toughness: PPR pipes of good quality have good toughness and can be easily bent into a circle without breaking, while inferior pipes are brittle and break immediately after bending.

C. Thermal expansion and contraction: Good water pipes can still maintain hardness at high water temperature, while inferior pipes are softened at 60 degrees water temperature.

D. Service life: 50-year warranty for high-quality products, only 5-6 years for inferior products.

Aluminum-plastic composite tube

A. Check the appearance of the product

The high-quality aluminum composite pipe is generally smooth on the outside, and the marks, specifications, applicable temperature, and number of meters on the pipe wall are clearly marked. The manufacturer also prints the production number on the pipe wall to prepare for monitoring the product quality at any time; the product is well packaged and packaged The various logos on the above are also clear, and the manufacturer's name, address, telephone, etc. are printed on prominent positions. Inferior and inferior products generally have rough outer walls, unclear or incomplete signs, simple packaging, and unknown site or telephone.

B. The aluminum layer cannot be ignored

A good aluminum-plastic composite pipe has welding at the overlap of the aluminum layer, and the aluminum layer and the plastic layer are closely combined without delamination. Some aluminum layers are not welded, and some aluminum and plastic layers are often layered and not tight.

Four tricks to teach you to identify true and false PPR water pipes

At a glance: the high-quality PP-R water pipe has a bright and oily texture, and the poor-quality PP-R water pipe has an unnatural color due to the inferior plastic or even lime powder. The cut section is dry and oil-free, and it feels like adding chalk gray.

Second touch: the inner and outer walls of the high-quality PP-R water pipe are smooth, without uneven cracks, and the inner wall of the inferior PP-R water pipe is rough and uneven.

Three bars: The weight of high-quality PP-R water pipes is heavier than that of inferior PP-R water pipes. Since most of the high-quality PP-R metal pipe fittings have copper pieces with more than three waterproof leakage grooves (the copper content is greater than 50%) 8) The copper parts are longer in size and thicker, so the weight is heavier than the inferior PP-R pipe parts.

Four burning: The high-quality PP-R raw material is a hydrocarbon chain compound. When the flame temperature is higher than 800 degrees Celsius, under ideal combustion conditions and with sufficient oxygen, the combustion is only released by carbon dioxide and water vapor. There should be no odor and Residue, inferior PP-R water pipe is mixed with inferior plastics and other impurities, there will be odor and residue when burning. It can be identified by cutting the sheet from the PP-R water pipe and burning it with a lighter.