Pb pipe specification: how many advantages do you have in making pb pipe?

- Jun 13, 2018-

In terms of price, pb pipe has significant economic benefits: low cost, low investment, compared with metal pipeline, it can reduce project investment by about 1/3. So pb pipe becomes the preferred material for engineering. So where are pb tubes commonly used?

[what are the characteristics of pb tube?]

1. Light weight, good softness, the weight of PB pipe is 1/20 of that of galvanized steel pipe, easy to handle, soft material, and the minimum bending radius is 6D (D: outside diameter of the pipe).

2. Good durability, non-toxic and harmless: due to its high density polymer, stable molecular structure, its service life can reach 50-100 years, and non-toxic and harmless, no chemical reaction occurs.

3. Uv resistance and corrosion resistance: PB pipe is resistant to uv and microbial invasion, and can keep the water stored for a long time without deterioration.

4. Good heat resistance, frost resistance in the case of - 20 ℃, has good low temperature resistance, impact resistance pipe not frost crack, after thawing, tubing can bounce back, resistant to high temperature below 100 ℃.

5. Smooth pipe wall and no scaling: compared with galvanized pipe, the water flow can be increased by 30%.

6. Good thermal scalability, advanced connection mode: the thermal scalability of PB pipe is about 1/60 of that of metal pipe, and the expansion coefficient is similar to that of concrete. The connection mode is an integrated hot-melt connection, so the movement of the pipe and the leakage at the joint can be avoided due to temperature change and water hammer phenomenon when buried.

[what fields does pb apply?]

1. Feed water (sanitary pipe) and hot water pipe: in the aspect of tap water and hot water pipe, PB pipe is recognized as non-toxic, tasteless and the best durable pipe material.

2. Heating pipe: due to its good insulation, construction and permanent durability, it is most suitable for building connection and floor heating pipe system.

3. Industrial pipe for air conditioning: it is the best pipe material for chemical engineering, food processing engineering, comprehensive hospital, industrial water, etc., because of its strong corrosion resistance (acid, alkali, salt resistance), non-toxic and tasteless. Due to high compressive strength, it is most suitable for air conditioning piping system.

4. Agricultural and horticultural pipes: due to their corrosion resistance, softness and strong uv resistance, they are used for irrigation, water sprayer in golf field, underground heating in farm and dispensing pipes.

5. Snow removal pipe: it has a long life and strong impact resistance, especially suitable for the road, parking lot and playground. Make good impact pipe.

6. Hot spring pipe: it has excellent heat resistance and pressure resistance, and will not generate rust and scale. As a hot spring pipe, it has unparalleled effect.