Pipe PPR pipe pressure method and precautions

- Jun 25, 2018-

Pipe PPR pipe pressure method and precautions

Water pipe pressure in the renovation project is a hidden project, the surface of the water pipe after the installation of the project, and before this must be carried out by the water pressure, then the specific method of water pressure is what? However, the water pressure test method is very professional, we can not blindly start the water pressure suppression project, then the plumber forum will come to give netizens a simple talk about the test steps of the professional master water pressure, take a look.

1. Water pressure test tool preparation:

Is a commonly used relatively simple test tool, the size of 30 cm square, but still very effective. The tool includes jacks, pressure gauges, water tanks, and connecting hoses. The pressure tool used is designed to test the pressure in the water pipe.

2. Water pressure test pressure test method:

The hot and cold water pipes are connected together by hoses. The hot and cold water pipes form a circle, and they form a pipe. The pressure tester can be connected to any outlet and the pressure indicator at this time is zero pressure.

The pressure of the water pipe must be tested only when all the water pipe channels are fully welded. Before pressure testing, all plugs should be plugged and the valve of the water inlet pipe closed.

During the pressure measurement, shake the pressure rod of the jack until the pointer of the pressure gauge points to about 0.9-1.0, which means that the current pressure is 3 times of the normal pressure.

Keep this pressure for a certain period of time. The difference is that the pipe pressure measurement time is not the same, PPR, aluminum plastic PPR, steel plastic PPR welding pipe is 30 minutes (can only be more than can not be less). Aluminum plastic pipe is the kind of copper joint, and its time is 4 hours (half working day). Galvanized pipe is 4 hours and half a working day.

3. Pipe pressure test results to determine:

During the pressure test, one by one to check the joints, inner silk joints, plugs can not have water seepage, and some people say that the plug seepage water is okay, it is deceptive, plug seepage directly affect the pressure tester hands, hands constantly The drop can anyone know if the place is inspected carefully.

The pressure tester does not have the slightest drop in the specified time or the decrease is less than 0.1, which means that the water pipe is good, and it also shows that the pressure tester is working normally.

After installing the water pipe, the water pipe must be pressed to measure the pressure. The test pressure of the metal and its composite pipe is 0.6MPa. After the pressure is stabilized for 10 minutes, the pressure drop in the pipe should be no more than 0.02MPa without leakage; the test pressure of the plastic pipe is 0.8MPa. , Regulated for 20 minutes, the pressure drop in the tube should be no more than 0.05MPa, no leakage.