PPR pipe features and uses.

- Jun 23, 2018-

1, health, non-toxic: This product is a green building materials, can be used for pure water, drinking water pipeline system.

2. Corrosion-resistance and non-fouling: It can avoid the worries of rust on the basin and bathtub due to the corrosion of the pipeline. It can avoid the blockage caused by the corrosion and scale of the pipeline.

3, high temperature, high pressure: pipeline delivery water temperature up to 95 °C.

4. Heat preservation and energy conservation: The thermal conductivity is only one-hundredth of that of the metal pipe, which is excellent for the heat preservation and energy-saving effect of hot water pipes.

5, light weight: the proportion is only one-seventh of the metal tube.

6, beautiful appearance: the product is smooth inside and outside walls, fluid resistance is small, soft color, beautiful appearance.

7, easy installation and reliable: using hot melt connection, a few seconds to complete, safe and reliable.

8, long service life: under the provisions of the long-term continuous working pressure, life under use up to 50 years

The advantages of high performance PP-R

1 When the galvanized pipe is in use, the pipe is corroded and shed by the water scouring galvanized layer, and the reference water is polluted. PEX and PV-U have odor due to the effluent. It has been forbidden to be used as a water supply pipe in foreign countries, and the resistance to high temperature is poor, and it is easily damaged. Short; Aluminum-plastic composite pipe `Stainless steel plastic composite pipe` Aluminum plastic PP-R pipe Easy to open plastic, easy to crack, easy to aging, the installation of the metal copper pieces and plastic outer tube squeeze together, after a long time of thermal expansion and contraction , easy to produce stratification, leakage is inevitable.

2 The high-performance PP-R pipe avoids the disadvantages of the above pipes, but also has high temperature resistance, easy installation, low joints, and never water leakage. Energy conservation, health, environmental protection and other advantages, fully meet all kinds of design indicators.

3 Performance Characteristics of High Performance PP-R:

1. High-grade PP-R pipe is a three-layer co-extruded `` one-step molding of advanced scientific and technological achievements.

2. The coefficient of linear expansion is much smaller than that of ordinary PP-R products.