Ppr pipe manufacturer's installation steps.

- Jun 27, 2018-

Ppr pipe manufacturer's installation steps? Today, Shandong Kangyu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. brings you the “installation steps for the use of PPR pipe to avoid short-board PPR pipe manufacturers”, so that in addition to understanding the previous ppr pipe manufacturers wholesale, you can have more to the industry Awareness!

Ppr pipe to use to avoid short board ppr pipe manufacturer's installation steps

PPR pipe is actually a random polypropylene copolymer pipe, which is currently the most used water supply pipe in home improvement projects. Some of it is for water supply, some are for floor heating pipes. The difference is still there. We take the water pipe. Many people think that color represents its quality. In fact, this is not the case. This is due to differences in raw material PPR particles. Caused. Therefore, the Pilsa water pipe is white, and the white butterfly is gray and does not represent the quality level of the product. We often say how good the merits of the PPR tube are. Of course, it also has many disadvantages. After understanding, we must try our best to avoid it. Its high temperature resistance and pressure resistance are slightly inferior. The long-term working temperature cannot exceed 70°C; each length is limited. , And can not be bent construction, if the pipeline is a long distance or a large number of corners, a large number of joints must be used in the construction; the pipe is cheap but the accessories are relatively high. However, from the perspective of overall performance, PPR pipe is the current cost-effective pipe ppr, ppr pipe use to avoid the short board so become the preferred material for home improvement water pipe reform.