Can the ppr tube replace the floor heating pipe?

- Aug 04, 2018-

Can the ppr tube replace the floor heating pipe? The ppr tube has the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe. It is also hot water, and the ppr tube is more resistant to high temperatures. So, can the PPR tube be used instead of the heating pipe? Do you have any questions? The following Zhejiang Kangxing Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. will explain to you:

First of all, the ppr tube has a thermal expansion and contraction function, and the expansion coefficient is small, that is, when it is changed by external temperature (such as winter and summer) or internal water temperature (cold water, hot water), it will be properly deformed. The floor heating pipe is buried underground, and its ability to withstand external impact is much higher than other pipes.

Secondly, the ppr tube does not have the flexibility of the floor heating tube, because the ppr tube is straight, and the floor heating tube is relatively soft, and no special tools are required for bending during construction. Therefore, the construction cost is also relatively low. Because the floor heating pipe needs good thermal conductivity. The floor heating pipe has good thermal conductivity and its thermal conductivity coefficient is twice that of the ppr pipe, which is very suitable for floor heating. Again, because the floor heating needs to be buried underground, the floor heating pipe is a whole pipe with no joints. The ppr tube is different. It is a tube. A hot melt machine is needed to weld the tube to the tube during construction. If the heat fusion is not good, water leakage will occur and the maintenance cost will be higher in the later stage. The floor heating pipe is strictly pressed before leaving the factory. If there is no human damage during construction, there will be no water leakage.

In summary, the ppr tube is not suitable for local heating pipes. It is recommended that you buy a floor heating pipe must go to a regular manufacturer, so that you can buy the rest assured, with a comfortable.