PPR water pipe buy white pipe or green pipe?

- Feb 29, 2020-

PPR water pipe buy white pipe or green pipe?

Water pipes are a necessity in hydropower construction. Different kinds of water pipes can meet different kinds of decoration needs. We all need to know that the pressure of different water pipe materials and models is different. The scope of use is of course different. Today, Xiaoqi will come and talk to you about the water pipes.

First, the common colors of PPR water pipes are: white, green, gray and so on.

We only look at PPR materials. PPR is actually colorless and transparent. The reason why there are so many colors in the market is that there are national regulations, and some are colors that businesses want to make selling points. Of course, there are also cases where the quality of some pipes is not good, and a large amount of dye is used to cover the appearance.

Second, the reasons for the different colors of PPR water pipes:

1. For example, the pipes exposed to the sun need to be black, which is a national regulation;

2. Many red and green PPR tubes appear on the market. This is the color designed by merchants to be a selling point.

3. Others are used for special purposes, such as hot and cold water pipes.

4. There are also some pipes called regenerative pipes. The sources of the regenerative pipes are different, and the colors are also chaotic. Some of them will be added with a lot of designs for dyeing. Such regenerative pipes are generally gray or black. But this can't be determined, as long as it is a black or gray PPR water pipe, it is a regeneration pipe.

Third, of course, there are also businessmen who say that the white PPR water pipe is not good and it is easy to breed bacteria. In fact, this statement is unreasonable. Many home decoration nowadays, most of them use white PPR water pipes. If it is really breeding bacteria, not so many people will use it.

In addition, many businesses will recommend green PPR water pipes. Green has always given people a sense of environmental protection and naturalness, but green is actually added with a coloring agent, and the produced pipe should not be affected by this green interference when buying. .

In the selection of hot and cold water pipes, the hot water pipe is red, and the wall thickness of the hot water pipe is thicker than the cold water pipe; we can use the hot water pipe instead of the cold water pipe, but we must never replace the hot water pipe with a cold water pipe.

Gray water pipe is multi-purpose tooling. If you are not sure whether the gray water pipe is safe, then you should consider the white PPR water pipe.