Ppr water pipe joint purchase skills

- May 31, 2020-

PPR water pipe joint purchase skills

In terms of comprehensive performance, PPR pipe is a cost-effective pipe material, so it has become the first choice material for home improvement water pipe transformation

1. The PPR should be selected according to the current tap water pressure. Generally, there are 1.6MPA, 2.0MPA, and the pipe wall has a thickness of 2.3, 2.8, 3.5, 4.4MM, etc. It is not that the higher the pressure, the greater the thickness. Actually enough is enough. Because the tap water pressure we know at present is the pressurized value at the time of leaving the factory, and if it really flows to your home, this pressure will be greatly reduced. We often see rupture of water supply pipes on the road, but it is generally not due to too much pressure, but due to pressure loss of vehicles and aging water pipes. Generally speaking, the tube wall of 2.3 or 2.8, 1.6MPA pressure is enough for home use.

2. Water pipe dealers often offer discounts, usually 6-6.5% off, etc., but it should be noted that dealers will only sell water pipes at a discount, and accessories such as elbows, tees, valves and the like are rarely discounted. Or the discount rate is lower. According to the calculation of one kitchen and one bathroom, add another water pipe to the balcony, and use a maximum of 15-20 meters of water pipes. Even if all are calculated according to the hot water pipes, the market price is 14 yuan / M, and the discount is 60%. But joints, tees, and valves are great if they don't discount the price. Water pipes and accessories are like the relationship between ham and straw, so many customers buy water pipes at discounted prices, and the final price is not much cheaper. The reason is here. So be sure to ask clearly, write it in black and white, and agree that everything, including water pipes and accessories, is a discount before agreeing to the seller to install it. And it must be explained according to the actual materials used. During construction, it is necessary to see whether the water pipes brought by the workers are short (that is, left by others), and before starting the work, count the number and variety of all water pipes brought by the workers. Only after approval by the workers can construction be started.

PPR water pipe joints should not be too much: the inner diameter of the pipe is smaller when there are more heads, which increases the resistance of the water, resulting in a reduction in the amount of water per unit time, and there are many joints that are also prone to poor connection. Therefore, if the water pipe can go in a straight line, it can go in a straight line. If you can't worry, you can do a water closure experiment. The pressure is 0.6MPa for 24 hours.

PPR is made of random copolymer polypropylene as the base material and is modified. Compared with other polypropylene, it has better mechanical properties, higher tensile yield strength and impact resistance. It is an excellent material for hot water delivery pipes. PPR pipes are non-toxic, hygienic, easy to install, and resistant to chemicals. The performance is good, especially it has good thermal fusion performance. The molecules and molecules at the junction are completely fused together, which solves the problem of water leakage at the pipe junction that has long troubled the water supply industry, so it is widely used.