Application of pipe ppr in water supply pipeline construction

- Jun 26, 2017-

The laying of the pipe ppr pipe can be divided into a variety of laying methods such as laying, concealed laying, overhead laying and laying. As the pipe ppr pipeline by the environment and the impact of medium temperature changes, so the pipe ppr should be used dark, pipe ppr construction should be with the construction, structure, electrical and other professional closely with the pipe ppr coordination, pipe ppr do a good job, Embedded work, and take the appropriate protective measures. Pipe ppr wall on the dark pipe should be reserved pipe, pipe ppr pipe laying a good pressure should be filled in the tube at least 20mm thick rock wool and other soft materials to prevent the pipe ppr pipe condensation or deformation due to temperature changes in the pipeline Destroy the wall. Dark pipe pipe ppr pipeline should be completed in the civil and after the completion of the second system test pressure, pipe ppr excluded due to civil or decorative damage caused by the pipeline, pipe ppr acceptance can be put into use.

Indoor installation of pipe ppr pipe, pipe ppr should be carried out after the completion of civil decoration, pipe ppr installed with the soil before the correct installation of holes or embedded casing. Pipe ppr pipe through the floor should be set when the steel casing, pipe ppr casing specifications should be larger than the pipe ppr two, pipe ppr higher than the ground 50mm. Pipe ppr pipe wall should be set when the steel casing, pipe ppr both ends and the wall level.

Buried laying pipe ppr Road. Pipe ppr pipe ditch after digging should be tampered ditch bottom, pipe ppr ditch at the end there should be no mud and prominent hard objects, if the pipe ppr hard objects should be laid in the ditch at the end of 100mm thick sand cushion, sprinkler compaction, after the completion of the pipe ppr Laying pipes. Such as pipe ppr buried pipe in the metal pipe, pipe ppr should be anti-corrosion treatment. Pipe ppr pipe laying must be carried out after the GB50242-2002 specifications for water pressure test, pipe ppr qualified before backfilling. Pipe ppr pipe backfill, the pipe ppr pipe on both sides of the pipe and the top 200mm within the scope of the use of sand or less than 12mm diameter of the soil does not contain hard objects backfill, gently tampeen and then the upper diameter of 30mm or less Soft soil backfill and step by step.

Such as easy to find and repair the pipeline, with the pipe ppr Road at the same time laying a pipe with anti-corrosion metal wire (available rubber metal wire), which can facilitate the use of metal pipe detector to determine the location of pipe ppr Road, easy maintenance. Buried piping ppr piping should be below the depth of the local permafrost. Through the road or structure, should be added steel casing, pipe ppr casing length for the width of the road or building width 1m, pipe ppr casing diameter should be larger than the pipe ppr pipe diameter two.

Pipe ppr pipe with a metal pipe does not have many features, pipe ppr corrosion-resistant, non-scaling, smooth pipe wall, effectively prevent the water in the pipeline in the secondary pollution, and beautiful. Construction convenience, speed up the construction speed. Pipe ppr pipeline long life, can reach five times the life of galvanized pipe, basically up to the maintenance-free, greatly reducing the maintenance of operating costs. Therefore, the pipe ppr pipe in the future water supply project will be more widely used.