Quality determines the knowledge of household plumbing.

- Feb 25, 2018-

Full of beautiful things in eyes of brand on the market of plastic pipe, single from the product introduction and the appearance is very difficult to judge product quality, often have the owner had a pipe price is to buy the poor quality of the pipe, so we must know how to choose pipe.

Plumbing techniques

1. Materials for viewing pipes:

When it comes to building materials, the codes are dazzling. Generally speaking, PE can only be used in cold water pipes, pp-r is used for hot and cold water pipes, PB, pe-rt, pe-x can be used for hot and cold water and ground heating, and PB tube can also be used for radiators.

Caution: for normal home decoration, you don't need to know all the material properties, just choose the pipes suitable for cold and hot water.

2. "birth certificate" of tube material:

The pipe material produced by the normal manufacturer has the corresponding spray code, indicating the brand, raw material, name, execution standard and size of the pipe.

Note: good brands will also indicate the batch and production number of the product. Once there is a problem, it is easy to review and trace it and understand the reasons for the problem.

3. Materials for the tube:

In addition to the different manufacturers of pipe materials, there are also many suppliers of raw materials, such as European, Korean and local, and some of them are also used for production. Although the tube surface can not be seen, but the service life is less than 50 years, some inferior water pipe used 3-5 years to appear brittle crack. Different prices of raw materials are also different, the owner can pay more attention when buying. There is a obvious difference, good good tube as material, no smoking, no peculiar smell, when welding the difference in the welding of pipes installed a pungent odor, owner during installation supervision and use good quality material, avoid subsequent problems.

4. Look at the brand of pipes:

The quality of the pipe is determined by the raw material, equipment, process and quality control, but for ordinary consumers, there is so much time and energy to factory factory visits, to understand the whole production process is in line with the standard, so the easiest way is to choose a good brand.

Remind: now the information is so developed, just go to the Internet to search, see other people's evaluation and use situation, go to the website of the manufacturer to browse, basically can do to know.

Plastic pipes are more suitable for modern building requirements than traditional pipes.

Health is better.

The pipe does not produce metal deposition and plastic pipe itself health non-toxic, consists only of carbon and hydrogen elements, without increasing the metal content in the water, don't change both the composition of water and avoid the "including" "green water". The smooth surface of the tube is far beyond the traditional pipe, and the bacteria can't survive.

2. Lighter weight and more energy efficient plastic water pipes are much lower in weight than traditional metal pipes, which are easier to transport and cost less. The plastic pipe is well insulated and suitable for hot water pipes. In addition, the production process of plastic pipe is relatively low, which is environment-friendly material.

3. Good flexibility and easy installation.

Plastic water pipes are flexible and flexible, but they are not brittle because of stress corrosion. And the plastic tube is anti - corrosion to protect your household water safety.

4. Easy maintenance.