Six kinds of pipe material purchasing knowledge

- Jan 05, 2018-

First, the aluminum composite pipe

Aluminum plastic compound pipe loss is small, the coil is easy to transport, can be arbitrary cut, easy to install, the construction is convenient. But the fittings are pure copper, the price is expensive, the inner diameter of the copper parts is smaller than the inner diameter of the aluminum plastic composite pipe, the diameter of the diameter is small, and the installation is not good when the heat expansion and shrinkage is easy to leak. The pipeline is easily damaged by other professional construction processes. Lu: su aluminum pipe clamp is high density polyethylene, polyethylene melting point is 140 ℃, thus its long-term high temperature resistant performance is good, its supporting the use of card sleeve nut and steel bushing clamp pressure pipe fittings, as long as the correct installation, high reliability.

Second, pp-r tube

The PP-R tube is regarded as a green, reliable pipe by the construction water supply and drainage. The pipe fittings of PP-R tube are also PP-R material, which is lower cost compared with the aluminum plastic compound tube, and the pipe fitting is installed outside the pipe, so that the flow is not reduced. However, pp-r tube should not be long suspended, and a fixed bracket should be set every 50cm or so. Otherwise, it will be easy to droop and bend. In addition to the pure PP - R tube, now still have a kind of pp-r aluminum-plastic pipe, the pipe pipe and pp-r pipe of the same, but the equivalent of the performance of aluminum-plastic pipe, cost is lower than the aluminous model multiple tube, and the intensity of anti-aging and performance is good, dangling don't droop, bending over long distances.

It is understood that PP-R tube has the disadvantages of high temperature tolerance and linear expansion coefficient due to the molecular characteristics of polypropylene, whether imported or domestic. So the ministry of construction [2001] 54 documents stated in pp-r pipe long-term working temperature should not exceed 70 ℃; And its hot melt connection technology is more complex, it is easy to produce the pile material defect area when pushing, which causes the stress concentration and affects the long-term performance of the pipeline. Therefore, when buying, do not entrust hydraulic work or some unqualified decorating company, when buying, should pay attention to the actual origin of the product, trademark and after-sale service guarantee.

Third, PE pipe

PE tube structure is single, the comprehensive performance is inferior to aluminous plastic tube, main use is the ground warm water conduit, the ground heating facility is made by the builder commonly, the household is decorated in general use of the PE tube.

fourth, PVC-U tube

The connecting way of PVC - U tubes for adhesive, does fall off easily in case of hot glue, is only applicable to underground pipeline or dark buried pipeline, if used in large diameter high pressure tube, need to design special support, especially the corner area, water damage to the corner is great. The water pipe in the home is not recommended to use PVC-U tube, but the tube is usually a PVC plastic flat tube.

Fifth copper tube

Copper tube has superior health performance but high cost. The connecting mode of copper pipe is welded (pipe fitting with tin without tin), pipe fitting (two kinds of pipe fitting, one is cup-type, one is the reverse tooth occlusion, the rubber ring seal). The pipe is easily damaged by subsequent construction or secondary decoration. "I love my family" tip: a family to decorate people tend to ignore the feed water pipe and pipe diameter selection, check in later found that there are a lot of problems, such as pipe burst damage to decorate, water pressure, water heater cannot be started, and so on. So, considering from the life of the tube had better choose cupreous conduit or better quality aluminous model multiple tube, pipe diameter should be 20 mm or more, connect a faucet branch pipe is not less than 15 mm, otherwise insufficient water pressure and flow noise big trouble will happen. If choose aluminous model multiple tube fittings, attention should be paid according to the actual diameter and 2-3 mm diameter choice, such as pipe diameter is 2025 specifications, and supervisor should be 2532 specifications, to ensure that two or more the amount of water in the tap water at the same time.

Sixth, water pipe

To meet the health needs, the sanitary indicators of water pipes must meet the national standards. But the cleanliness of the water is not entirely dependent on the water quality of the pipes, but also whether the pipes are able to withstand the air in the air. Long - term oxygen penetration is easy to cause bacteria, scale and moss in the pipeline to pollute water quality. Experts suggest that when buying household plastic tubing, it is best to ask for a product quality inspection report, not to buy the factory name and site.