PPR common sense and routine maintenance

- Jun 26, 2017-

Different colors of PPR using the base material is the same, but the production according to the customer's preferences or habits to add a different color masterbatch, so the color does not represent the quality of the pros and cons. But in order to prevent the pipeline on the water quality of the second pollution, generally we will choose a better light pipe, such as the German micro-law water pipe on the use of the Nordic chemical industry to provide a fusion of color masterbatch dark green patent PPR particles, Good sex.

PPR hot and cold water pipe difference

PPR hot and cold water pipe using the raw materials are exactly the same, divided into hot and cold water pipes are based on different specifications of the pipe in the use of water to transport the temperature difference to distinguish. The same nominal pressure (PN) hot water pipe is thicker than the wall thickness of the cold water pipe because the requirements for conveying hot water are higher for the pipe. For the convenience of distinction, hot water pipe with red co-extruded, cold water pipe is not.

Pressure and water pipes

The PN in the pipe code is the nominal pressure, the unit is MPa, and the wall thickness of the pipe with different nominal pressure is different. When choosing the pipe, make sure that the nominal pressure of the pipe is not lower than that of the tap water.

Pressure test

The pipeline filled with water, thoroughly drain the air inside the pipeline, with a pressure pump to the pressure to the test pressure, every 10min re-pressurized to the test pressure, repeat twice. Record the last pump pressure 10min and 40min after the pressure, the pressure should not be about 0.06MPa. After the end of 2 hours, the pressure drop should not exceed 0.02MPa.

With the PPR tube in the family application, whether it is under the sink or under the toilet are PPR pipe world, but these places are very difficult to block the place, Xiaobian to teach you a few small strokes to make you easy to get These PPR pipe fittings are annoying.

1, playing yellow, very long, long a few meters long, very soft, you can reach the corner, the plug to get through the place. Or the simplest convenience is to use a rope, every 10 cm to play a knot, playing 10 knot it can be a big point, especially for the kitchen pool, the bottom of the pool generally have a small cover, with a lid to hold the rope , Every few days, put the rope pulled up, so that a lot of garbage have been brought up, and then re-made a knot rope into it, and very convenient. It is very important to prevent the kind of pool which we installed in general kitchen if it is blocked.

 2, if it is in the winter, in the pipeline outside the bread a layer of hay or plastic skin, so that not only can prevent the rupture of the pipeline, but also to ensure the smooth flow of the pipeline, encountered oil clogging blocked, only need to wash with water can.

 3, with water scouring, many families are hard to use things such as sticks to clear the pipeline, this will not only not get a good effect, it is easy to stab the pipeline, the pipeline rupture, causing greater trouble. The best way is - with boiling water, because the kitchen sewage in the oil and water, should often use boiling water to avoid the accumulation of greasy material, forming a lump, causing clogging. Of course, if the plug, and have to find professionals to clear.

 4, to the market to spend a quick money to buy a 2-meter-long spring steel pipe dredge tool, in the sewer's import and export side to clear and rinse with water. Every three different five.

 5, rubber tube (outdoor for the kind of water, not the hose), the first rubber tube stabbed into the toilet, and then use gas PP-R pipe to get angry or tap water (use its water pressure open).