The difference between the PPR hot water pipe

- Dec 11, 2017-

PPR pipe professional call can be said to be PPR cold and hot water pipe, generally in our actual procurement and use of cold water pipe and hot water pipe still have a certain difference. The PPR pipe has a blue line on the cold water pipe, and the cold water pipe is mainly applied to the main roads of the environment, or the place where there is no need for hot water. The ambient temperature is relatively good. The relative thickness of the cold water pipe relative to the Laishui specification is relatively thin, so it can not be used for hot water pipes. PPR hot water pipe on the red line, hot water pipe can be used as cold water heating, the thickness of the same specification is thick, such as the 20 caliber, the hot water pipe is 20X2.8mm from the beginning, now with the engineering requirements continue to increase, in the actual project basically use PPR hot water pipe as housing for the main pipeline pipe. There is a difference between cold and hot water pipes. First, the difference between cold and hot water pipes is mainly in the aspect of tolerance. The withstand pressure of cold water pipes is 1.25 or 1.6 MPa, and the tolerance pressure of hot water pipes is 2 or 2.5 MPa. Second, the marking is different, the hot water tube is marked with red line, the cold water tube is marked with blue line third, the thickness is different, the cold water pipe wall is slightly thinner in the hot water pipe. Generally speaking, the difference between them is not very large. The highest temperature that PPR can withstand is 110 degrees. But considering the slightly pressure resistance of the pipe, it is suggested that the long-term working temperature of PPR pipe should not exceed 70 degrees. If it is over, it is suggested to consider other products as an alternative.