the different between ppr pipe and hdpe pipe

- Oct 25, 2018-

  1. Materials : 

    ppr pipe raw materials : Polypropylene-Random type-3.

    hdpe pipe raw materials : High density polyethylene

  2. application ppr pipe: 

    1. Civil construction of the water supply system colod water and hot water supply.
    2. Air-conditioning equipment pipe network
    3. Residential heating pipe network
    4. Pure water / drinks and milk and other industrial water systems
    5. Chemical / petrochemical, such as various types of corrosive liquids pipeline transportation
    6. The network of solar installations
    7. Factory compressed air pipe.

     application hdpe pipe :       

       1. Town water pipe network system

            Large-diameter PE pipe, non-toxic hygiene, non-scaling, more suitable for urban water supply pipe

           and buried pipe, safety and health, construction convenience.

       2. Replaceable cement pipe, cast iron pipe and steel pipe

           Without a large area of excavation, construction convenience, low cost. Can be widely used 

           in the transformation of the old pipe network.

       3. Industrial raw material pipelines Chemical, chemical fiber, food, forestry, pharmaceuticals, 

           light industry, papermaking, metallurgy and other industrial raw material pipe.

       4. Landscaping water supply network

           Landscaping need a large number of water pipelines, PE pipe flexibility and low cost, 

           making it the best choice.

       5. Sewage discharge pipe PE pipe has a unique corrosion resistance, can be used for industrial      

           wastewater, sewage discharge, low cost and maintenance costs.

       6. Agricultural irrigation pipes PE pipe wall smooth, large flow, cross-road construction, impact 

           resistance, is ideal for agricultural irrigation pipe.

   3. ppr pipe pressure : 

       1.25mpa/1.6mpa for cold water , 2.0mpa/2.5mpa for hot water (under 70 degree)

       hdpe pipe pressure : 

       0.6mpa/0.8mpa/1.0mpa/1.6mpa only for cold water