The PPR water pipe is not mysterious to master five methods to quickly judge the pros and cons

- Jan 05, 2018-

Today, the PPR pipeline in the building materials market is full of good and bad, which makes consumers unable to buy good PPR pipes at the important moment of decoration, which can affect the timely development of home decoration. So how can consumers identify the quality of PPR pipes? The current domestic many families decorate the choice is in charge of 6 (size 25 mm, thickness 4.2 mm), suzhou today Germany rich sheng experts on the pipe as an example, to tell you how to identify the PPR pipe quality.

One: look after the spout of the body. Through the supervision of the body spray code, quickly determine whether the brand water pipe is of international high quality. The standard pipe products usually have full spout information on each pipe, which can help consumers to identify. The good PPR pipeline includes the brand logo, the origin, and the application environment, and the certification standards of the world's authorities. According to the information on the pipeline, even the production time, batch and even production machine can be recalled.

Two: guard the body whether transparent. Light the tube through LED lights to test for easy growth of bacteria. Light and oxygen are the two elements of bacteria and algae, so if the pervious to light it is easier to make pipes inside bacterium and algae (that is, the popular saying of "green"), the water of life health security; Therefore, in the same environment, the transmission of light, the better. According to this principle, we can easily use an LED lamp to give the tube a light test.

Three: smell welding. High quality pipes should be colorless and tasteless when connected with hot melt. The welding of PPR pipeline is connected by fusion, making it a seamless whole. The quality of the PPR piping hot melt will emit pungent odour and toxic substances. In order to ensure the hygienic safety of daily drinking water, the quality of the PPR pipeline will not give off the unpleasant smell of the human body even when it is hot or even burnt.

Four: see if copper fittings have plating. Good PPR fittings are not plated with nickel and chromium, and use anti-zinc brass raw materials to ensure the safety of water quality. The parts of the parts of PPR are made of copper raw materials, while copper is easy to accelerate the aging of PPR raw materials, so many domestic brands will have a layer of insulating metal nickel or chromium plating on the outside of brass. But this will release metal elements and cause secondary pollution to water, which was eliminated by European targets 20 years ago. Good PPR piping should be made of professional anti-dezincification brass material without nickel chrome. Compared with ordinary brass, it has higher corrosion resistance and environmental protection.

5. Look at the size of the fittings and the length of the teeth. Good fittings have larger internal sizes and longer teeth. The larger internal diameter can make the water flow in the pipeline small, without scale, the water experience will be better. Silk teeth are longer spaced and can make connections stronger.

As long as we can grasp the above five points, we will be able to help you select a better quality PPR tube to ensure the smooth operation of the home decoration.