What are the problems that the PPR tube should pay attention to?

- Dec 21, 2017-

1, PPR pipe fitting with hot melt connection, don't directly above the set of silk, and metal pipe connection can use flange connection, and the water must be connected with metal insert pipe fittings;
2. Make sure to use the reliable hot melt tool during the construction, so as to ensure the quality of the melting;
3. Use special materials to cut the pipe. The incision should be smooth and without burrs.
4, in the pipe fitting welding place clean, don't let the sand and dust these affected the quality of the joint, and to be welded tubing size to match the heating head on hot melt machine, give the power to pass on, let the heat to the most appropriate temperature;
5. Remember the depth of the fusion on the pipe with a pencil.
6. Place the pipe and fittings in the welding machine and heat it according to the required time;
7, good heat, immediately brought out the pipes and pipe fittings, link up immediately, when the pipe and pipe connection, if their position is wrong, you can make minor adjustments in a certain time, but the torsion Angle can not exceed 5 degrees;
Best after 8, link, must use hands firmly holding pipe and pipe fittings, let them have enough time, cooling after cooled to a certain extent can let go of the hand, then install the pipe below.