What is the characteristics of the PPR tube

- Dec 24, 2017-

What is the characteristics of the PPR tube

1, health, non-toxic: the pipe system composed of PP-R pipe and pipe parts can be completely non-toxic, health indicators meet the requirements of the GB/T17219 standard.

2, not rust: can withstand a high temperature range of pH, the range of 1~14 high concentration of acid and alkali corrosion.

3, wear resistance, no scaling: the inner wall of PP-R tube and pipe is smooth, and the flow resistance is small and not fouling.

4, reduce vibration and noise: the PP-R tube has excellent sound insulation performance, and can significantly reduce the vibration and noise caused by liquid flow.

5, antifreeze crack: PP-R material elasticity makes the pipe and pipe section can expand with frost heave liquid together and not expand.

6, anti condensation, less heat loss: PP-R material is a bad heat conductor, can reduce condensation phenomenon and reduce heat loss.

7, anti electric corrosion: PP-R material is a bad conductor, which can avoid electric corrosion.

8. The installation is simple: light weight, easy installation and solderability.

9, the section area of the pipe is large: the inner diameter of the pipe with the inner diameter of the PP-R pipe is slightly larger than that of the pipe. It can ensure that the flow resistance of the fluid is not increased in the pipe part.

10, recyclable: PP-R pipe, pipe fittings can be recycled and reused.

11. Long service life: the pipeline system has a life span of 50 years under the prescribed conditions of use.


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