What is the definition of ABS tube

- Aug 27, 2018-

What is the definition of ABS tube?

ABS engineering plastics are polymers of three chemical materials: acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene.

Its main advantages (1) is extremely resistant to corrosion. (2) Excellent impact resistance. The ABS pipe can be broken under strong external force and the material is not broken. (3) Strong toughness.

The main specifications are more than 10 nominal diameters DNl5-DN400. The pipe pressure is priced at 0.6MPa, 0.9MPa and 1.6MPa. The pipeline is applied to high-standard water quality, and the quality and economic effect are achieved. The connection method of ABS pipe is mainly cold glue bonding method.

2.5 (steel skeleton reinforcement) plastic composite pipe

Steel skeleton reinforced plastic composite pipe [5] is a new type of double-sided anti-corrosion pressure pipeline with steel skeleton as reinforcement and thermoplastic as continuous substrate, which are evenly combined on the automatic control production line. The base material is high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, cross-linked polyethylene, and necessary additives, antioxidants, ultraviolet stabilizers, and colorants may be added. The reinforcing material is a high-quality low-carbon steel mesh and a low-carbon structural steel mesh. According to the skeleton form, it can be divided into: steel mesh skeleton reinforced plastic composite pipe and steel mesh skeleton reinforced plastic composite pipe. According to the base material

Divided into: steel skeleton reinforced high-density polyethylene pipe, steel frame reinforced polypropylene pipe, steel skeleton reinforced cross-linked polyethylene.

The characteristics of the pipe are: (1) strong pressure bearing capacity, steel mesh skeleton reinforced plastic composite pipe with diameter of de50-200, its withstand pressure of 1.00-2.50MPa; steel mesh skeleton reinforced plastic composite pipe and its tube The diameter is de80-300, which is subjected to a pressure of 1.00-3.50 MPa. (2) Both flexibility and high strength and rigidity. The pipe connection has two types of electrofusion connection and flange connection. Pipeline connection process requirements are high, and the cost of pipe and pipe fittings is relatively high, which also restricts its extensive application.

PVC-U tubes and ABS tubes are detailed in the professional design manual. The technical regulations for indoor pipeline engineering of PE pipes have been reviewed in the first half of this year. In terms of price, PVC-U tube has an advantage over HDPE tube. However, it has poor rigidity and high hardness and is not easy to bend.

From the results of the national urban public facilities survey conducted in 1996, it can be seen that in the urban water supply pipeline network, the pipeline below DN500 accounts for 87.18% (calculated by length); Second, the diameter of the plastic pipe is in a certain range, which has an economic advantage compared with the metal pipe. As the pipe diameter increases, the economy declines. Third, the large-diameter plastic pipe pipe fittings have few production enterprises due to large production investment. It is easy to cause the pipe fittings and pipes not to be matched, which brings inconvenience to the construction. Therefore, the development of urban water supply plastic pipes should be based on DN500 or less, ....

The National Tenth Five-Year Plan for Chemical Building Materials Industry and the Outline of Development Plan for 2010 [6] clearly stated that by 2005, the market share of plastic pipes in various types of pipelines across the country reached more than 50%. Among them, 50% of urban water supply pipelines (below DN400) use plastic pipes, and 60% of village water supply pipes use plastic pipes. By 2010, 70% of urban water supply pipelines (below DN400) use plastic pipes, and 70% of village water supply pipes use plastic pipes.

At the same time, when formulating the national “10th Five-Year” chemical building materials and plastic pipe development plan, China clearly stated that the promotion and application of plastic pipes during the “Tenth Five-Year Plan” period mainly consists of PVC-U pipes and PE pipes. The application of PE pipe in China started late and the development space is large. And the development of municipal plastic pipes during the "10th Five-Year Plan" period should focus on PE pipes. The application development of the outdoor water supply plastic pipe is obvious.