What is the difference between different pipe materials

- Dec 21, 2017-

PPR is cost-effective and environmentally friendly
As a new type of water pipe material, PPR tube has a unique advantage. It can be used as a cold water pipe or as a hot water pipe. PPR pipe interface USES the hot melt technology, total integration between the pipe, so once installed on the tests pass, not like aluminum-plastic pipe aging leakage phenomenon exists in the long run.
Advantages: moderate price, stable performance, heat and heat preservation, corrosion resistance, smooth and non-fouling of the inner wall, safe and reliable piping system, not permeable, can be used up to 50 years.
Disadvantages: the construction technology requires high requirements, and special tools and professionals should be used to ensure the safety of the system.
Copper tube corrosion can also kill bacteria
It is the quality in the water pipe, the copper pipe interface has the card sleeve and the welding two kinds, the card sleeve is same as the aluminum plastic tube, there is the problem of aging water leakage for a long time. At present, the installation of most copper pipes is welded, welding is the joint through oxygen welding, so that it can be the same as the PPR water pipe and never leak. Because its price is expensive, commonly used in high-grade apartment or villa more.
Advantages: high strength, stable performance, sterilization and not easy to corrode.
Disadvantages: high price, high construction difficulty, in cold winter, easy to cause heat loss, energy consumption, high cost.
The aluminum plastic tube is easy to age and leaky
Aluminum-plastic pipe used to be a popular kind of pipe in the market, because of its light, durable and convenient construction, its flexible and flexible use in home decoration. In the concept of decorating the new guangdong and Shanghai, the aluminum plastic tubes have gradually disappeared from the market, belonging to the obsolete products.
Advantage: the price is cheaper, can be arbitrary bend, the surface is smooth, the construction is convenient.
Faults: easy to age, use of hidden dangers, short years of use, the practice proves that after a year of use, its pipe joints are prone to leakage.
Galvanized pipe is easy to clog easily
For a long time without water, you had opened suddenly find out is "yellow" water, in the old house before happen easily in the galvanized iron pipe, the "yellow" water also is to have a harm to human body. Four ministries, including China's ministry of construction, have also banned the use of galvanized pipes since 2000, and the cold water pipes in new communities have rarely been used.
Advantage: the variety is complete, the fittings are matched.
Disadvantages: the elimination products that are prohibited by the state are easy to corrode and rust, resulting in poor flow of water and the pollution of water source.
PVC pipe is easy to fracture and easy to deform
In fact, it is a kind of plastic pipe, and the joint is usually glued. It is difficult to use as a hot water pipe because of its poor resistance to cold and heat resistance; The intensity does not apply to the pressure of the water pipe, so the cold water tube is rarely used. In most cases, PVC pipes are suitable for wiring pipes and sewer lines. In addition, the chemical additive phthalein, which makes the PVC softer, affects the kidneys, liver and testicles in the human body, which can cause cancer and kidney damage, so it is not recommended to buy.
Advantages: light, easy to install, low cost, also easy to corrupt.
Faults: poor quality can be brittle, easy to break, and easy to deform when heated.