What is the difference between the domestic PPR inlet water pipe and the ordinary PPR water pipe? Is the consumer clear?

- Jan 05, 2018-

Family is decorated is certainly need plumbing, many consumers to conduit choose is not very understanding, all the others said the PPR pipe is better, but many people don't know the PPR pipe is common and installed imported PPR pipe, so small make up today is to introduce to you, exactly what is the difference between these two kinds of pipe, and we take a look at the following.

I got to do to decorate the Lao shifu, PPR pipe on the market at present the best quality is pure imported PPR pipe, PPR pipe is Germany rich sheng is known to all the brand of the invention, so rich in Germany of PPR pipes basically never listen to consumers within two or three years after installation problems to appear slack or pipe explosion.

Germany rich sheng PPR pipe home basically is 5000 dollars can be done, however, inferior PPR pipes basically only need 1000-2000 dollars, but the pipes are embedded into the wall and underground, a tube leakage is very high, and the family is to soak the floor and walls, so the remodeling and tens of thousands of dollars, so this time you should know to choose what kind of pipe more cost-effective.

Poor PPR water pipes are basically processed using recycled materials, and recycled materials are toxic, which can affect household water health problems. However, the raw materials of the high-quality PPR imported water pipes are specially made polyethylene to guarantee the non-toxic and harmless, and guarantee the safety of People's Daily water use.

When consumer is bought can be judged through the burning of the pipe is high quality, high quality of the pipe is no peculiar smell after burning, however, inferior water pipe after combustion can have excitant odour, consumers can be determined according to the judgment.

Also, the consumer can judge according to the pipe wall thickness of the pipe, the same specification tube, the thicker the pipe wall, the less prone to the detonation tube, the better the thermal insulation resistance performance. The wall thickness of the pipe wall of the general advantage is thicker, however, the inferior wall thickness is generally thin.

There is also a consumer who can judge the quality of the water pipe by the light of the water pipe, because the tube will be used to grow bacteria or green algae, and your water will not be clean. High-quality home wear PPR inlet water conduit is very poor, but poor quality water pipe's transmittance is very good, so consumer can judge.