What problems should PP-R pipe pay attention to during installation and construction?

- Aug 04, 2018-

1. The ppr tube is lower in hardness and rigidity than the metal tube. It should be protected during handling and construction to avoid mechanical damage caused by improper external force. The position of the pipeline should be marked after dark application to avoid damage to the pipeline due to secondary decoration.

2. PP-R pipe has a certain low temperature brittleness below 5 °C. Be careful when constructing in winter. Cut the pipe slowly with a sharp tool. Do not press or knock on the installed pipe. If necessary, cover the part that is vulnerable to external force. Protective material.

3, PP-R tube is prone to aging degradation by ultraviolet radiation for a long time, and it must be wrapped in a dark protective layer when installed outdoors or in direct sunlight.

4. In addition to the mechanical connection of threaded inserts or flanges, the PP-R pipe should be connected with metal pipe or water machine, and the other should be hot-melt joint to make the pipe integrated without leakage.

5. The coefficient of linear expansion of PP-R pipe is large (0.15mm/m °C). Technical measures to prevent pipe expansion and deformation must be taken when installing or not directly burying the dark pipe.

6. After the pipeline is installed, it must be tested before sealing tube (direct burial) and covering decorative layer (non-buried dark coating). The pressure test pressure of cold water pipe is 1.5 times of the working pressure of the system, but not less than 10 MPa; hot water pipe The test pressure is twice the working pressure, but not less than 1.5 MPa. The test pressure time and method technical regulations.

7. When PP-R pipe is used or not directly buried in the dark pipe, the branch and hanger must be installed as required.