What problems should PP-R tube pay attention to during installation?

- Dec 21, 2017-

1, pp-r pipe, a metal tube low hardness, poor rigidity, should be protected in the transportation, construction, to avoid inappropriate external force caused by mechanical damage. After dark apply to mark the pipe position, in order to avoid the secondary damage pipe decorate.
2, pp-r pipe 5 ℃ below there is a low temperature brittleness, winter construction should be careful and sharp tools should be used when cutting tube slow cutting. Can't installed the pipe pressure, stroke, when necessary to protect vulnerable to external parts covering [1].
3. The PP-R tube is susceptible to aging degradation by ultraviolet radiation, and the dark protective layer must be covered in outdoor or direct sunlight.
4. In addition to the connection of the pipe or flanges with threaded insert or flanges, the PP-R tube shall be connected with a hot melt to integrate the pipe without leakage point.
5, the linear expansion coefficient of pp-r pipe is bigger (0.15 mm/m ℃), the surface mounted or not compress undercut straight tube expansion deformation of technical measures must be taken to prevent pipes.
6. After the installation of the pipe, it must be tested before sealing the tube (buried) and covering the decorative layer (non-direct embedding). The pressure pressure of the cold water tube is 1.5 times of the pressure of the system, but not less than 10MPa; The test pressure of the hot water pipe is twice as high as the pressure of work, but not less than 1.5MPa.
7. When the PP-R tube is applied or not buried, it must be installed and suspended.