What's the difference between the three, the PPR pipe, the PPR copper tube, the PPR cover pipe?

- Dec 19, 2017-

    PP-R pipe is also known as type three polypropylene pipe, raw materials are only carbon and hydrogen molecules, do not produce harmful toxic elements, health and reliability, not only for hot and cold water pipes, but also for pure drinking water system..PPR copper inner layer is copper, and the surface is PPR.PPR coated aluminum tube, with a PPR. coating.

    The water temperature is about 60 degrees, and the service life can be over 50 years.

    But What kind of family do ordinary families use?

    In general, there are 20, 25, 32, three specifications, which are enough, S3.2 and S2.5 hot water pipes. These two kinds are hot water pipes for household use. They have PPR standard and PPR antibacterial type. If they are used for heating, they will use standard PPR. S4 and S5 are hot and cold water pipes. Generally using 4 division (diameter 25mm, thickness in 3.4mm), the general use of hot water pipe, PPR pipe C pipe, B pipe, mainly related to the working temperature.