Which is good, PPR water pipe and copper pipe?

- Jan 05, 2018-

PPR pipe

As a new type of water pipe material, it can be used as a cold water pipe or as a hot water pipe. It is non - toxic, lightweight and resistant to pressure. The interface of PPR tube adopts thermal fusion technology, and the tube is completely fused together, so once installed, the test will not be as old as the aluminum plastic tube.

The brass

Copper tube corrosion resistance and bacteria elimination, etc, is on the top grade of water pipe, copper pipe installation card sets, welding and three kinds of pressure, card sets like aluminum-plastic pipe installation, long aging water leakage problem, another disadvantage is that the price of copper tubes is expensive, if you want to change the pipe, and the brass, suggest that must adopt the welding interface way, if there is a way to pressure. Both cold water pipes and hot water pipes can be used. However, most families now use PPR tubes, and PPR tubes as new materials have unique advantages.