Why do earth heating pipes use PB pipes?

- Jun 07, 2018-

PB pipe (polybutene) is a kind of high molecular inert polymer, which was born in the 1970s. It has high temperature resistance, durability, chemical stability and plasticity, non-toxic, tasteless, odourless, is currently one of the world's most sophisticated chemical materials, has a "plastic gold" reputation. The material is light in weight; Good flexibility; Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant characteristics especially when used in pressure piping, can be long-term use under 95 ℃, the highest temperature can reach 110 ℃. The surface roughness of the pipe is 0.007, no scaling, no need for heat preservation, water quality protection, good use effect.

1. PB pipe has the common features of antifreeze and non-scaling of other plastic pipes. Among many pipe materials, it is the best compressive pipe material.

2. PB pipe is very resistant to high temperature, and its thermal insulation performance is also very good, and its compressive resistance is also very good. Pipe is recognized as non - toxic, tasteless and the best durable pipe material. The best sanitary pipe.

PB pipe is a kind of high molecular polymer, which is one of the most advanced chemical materials in the world. It is a kind of thermoplastic pipe material with good temperature resistance, the maximum temperature can reach 110 degrees, good shock resistance.

4. PB pipe is the softest of several kinds of heating pipes, and the thickest and thinnest pipe under the same design pressure. Under the same conditions of use, the safety coefficient of pipe materials of the same series of wall thickness is relatively high. Therefore, for PB pipe, it is very good and the best choice if it is regarded as the core pipe material of geothermal energy.