Why do you choose a PPR pipe for your home installation?

- Jul 14, 2018-

Why do home-made water pipes need to choose PPR pipes? It is well known that PPR pipes are the hottest and most commonly used type of water pipe materials in home-made pipes. However, why the home-made water pipes have to choose PPR pipes must not be clear to everyone. Today, I will tell you about the benefits of the following PPR pipes as a domestic water pipe and why you should choose a PPR pipe.

Why do you need a PPR pipe for your home installation? Because we need healthy and environmentally friendly household water.

Water is the source of life. The importance of water to people does not need to say much about life. The most indispensable part of our life is water. Every day, water is used, whether it is drinking water or daily washing. The importance of water supply is not As a matter of fact, high-quality and clean water source brings us a healthy and environmentally-friendly quality of life. Inferior water pipe materials are not only prone to problems such as pipe leaking and rupture, but also more likely to pollute water quality and affect drinking water health. Therefore, we choose to use healthy and environmentally friendly water pipes. important. PPR pipe is a kind of green water pipe material. It was originally invented in Germany. The raw material is polypropylene, which is a green material. It is also called a polypropylene tube or a random copolymer polypropylene tube. Speaking of green environmental protection water pipes, it is recommended to understand the German Wanhao pipeline. The German Wanhao water pipe has passed the most stringent KTW certification in Germany, and the green safety is guaranteed. The Wanhao PPR plastic aluminum steady-state pipe is the perfect combination of metal pipe and plastic pipe. The metal pipe is strong in rigidity, not easy to be deformed, and the plastic pipe has the advantages of sanitary, corrosion resistance and reliable connection, and is particularly suitable for the surface mounted and high water pressure pipe.

Why do you choose a PPR pipe for your home water pipe? Because it is more durable

Regardless of which product is durable or not, it is often one aspect that we consider. Many of the metal pipes used in the past life are often leaky and scale due to aging and rust, while PPR pipes have a long life and can be used at operating temperatures. More than a year and never scale, it is also the use of hot-melt connection technology, the tube and the tube are completely integrated into one, can never leak water, water leakage is the most afraid of people, so the choice of PPR tube eliminates this hidden danger . Corrosion resistance Waterproof scaling PR-R pipes and fittings are chemically resistant to chemical attack in water. The PPR tube can be used both as a cold water pipe and as a hot water pipe.

Why do you choose a PPR pipe for your home water pipe? Because the price is cheaper.

PPR pipes are relatively cheaper in price than many water pipe materials, and are more easily accepted by people. Naturally cheap things are also more popular. Of course, it is better to remind consumers to buy PPR pipes. It is best to choose well-known brand manufacturers to buy them. The quality of PPR water pipe brands on the market is uneven. The top ten brands in Germany are more guaranteed.

The advantages of PPR pipe are unique, not only environmentally friendly and durable, corrosion resistant, high temperature and light weight, but also many advantages. This is why home improvement pipes are more likely to choose PPR pipes.