How to choose ppr pipe fittings

- Jun 26, 2017-

1, ppr tube appearance. Ppr pipe fittings should be consistent with the color, ppr pipe surface should be smooth, smooth, no sag, bubbles and other surface properties of the surface defects, should not contain visible impurities; ppr pipe fittings surface should be smooth, smooth, not allowed to crack, , Peeling and obvious impurities, severe shrinkage and uneven color, decomposition and other defects.

2, ppr pipe opacity. Ppr pipe fittings should not be light.

3, ppr pipe fittings ppr pipe diameter and wall thickness. According to GB / T18742.2-2002 national standards, ppr pipe according to the size of S5, S4, S3.2, S2.5, S2 five series. Ppr pipe series S and nominal pressure corresponding to the corresponding relationship, ppr pipe fittings specifications with ppr pipe series S, nominal diameter dn * nominal wall thickness en said, ppr pipe fittings mainly test ppr pipe nominal diameter, the average diameter and ppr Pipe wall corresponding to the wall thickness, ppr pipe fittings bearing size and the corresponding nominal diameter.

4, ppr pipe physical and mechanical properties and chemical properties. Ppr pipe hydrostatic test, melt mass flow rate, hydrostatic stability test and the vertical retraction rate of ppr pipe, simple beam impact test is in line with national standards, ppr pipe inspection of this material inspection report Content and re-examination report content.

5, ppr pipe fittings health performance is in line with national standards. This can check the health inspection department of the ppr pipe hygiene performance test report.

6, ppr pipe system applicability. Ppr pipe fittings should be connected after 8760 hours and 5000 times the thermal cycle of two combination test.