Multifunctional Development of PPR Tubes

- Jun 26, 2017-

Used in engineering, home improvement in the PPR pipe fittings, etc. has become the main building material of modern building materials. The application of pipe fittings in construction engineering has been developed by the single structure load bearing, structure and decoration, and its variety is also developed from single variety to multi-variety, multi-series and compound with organic or inorganic materials. 

PPR Pipe is one of the three most widely used materials in engineering and home improvement. No matter what the main pipe is to bear the pull, pressure, bending, cutting the impact of small external forces, in these external forces, PPR tube both to have a certain strength and hardness, but also have a certain plasticity and toughness, which is high-quality pipe The mechanical performance of the good performance. PPR pipe must also have technical performance. Its technical properties include tensile properties, fatigue resistance and hardness, and cold bending, welding and other process performance in two aspects.