Advantages Of HDPE Pipe

- Aug 30, 2017-

PE pipe is now spread over a number of product categories, applied to sewage, drainage, municipal, water supply, gas, electricity and other fields, then PE pipe for other pipes are concerned, what are the advantages?

Now summarized as follows:

1, low temperature, good impact resistance.

Low temperature embrittlement of PE pipe, can be safely used in the temperature range of -60 degrees celsius. In the northern part of China, in the winter field laying polyethylene buried water supply, summed up an experience is below zero is not suitable for laying construction, because the polyethylene pipe is easy to crack.

2, good wear resistance.

The contrast test of the abrasion resistance between PE pipe and steel pipe shows that the wear resistance of PE pipe is 4 times of that of steel tube.

3 good resistance to SCG and scratch.

Research shows that the PE grade PE has good ability to resist SCG and scratch resistant ability, PE100 pipe has better ability of anti scratch.